About Hace Más



hace más. That is the name of of our coffee company, but also what we hope our company does for those that produce coffee: it does more.

When you purchase a bag or cup of our coffee, it has been cultivated through practices that honor the soils in which the coffee was grown, and more importantly, the lives of the workers whose hard labors have provided the coffee we enjoy.

Growing coffee is a arduous process. Our goal is to work directly with those who farm it, ensuring that they are fairly compensated and that the quality of their lives improves as a result of their hard work and dedication.

To do more to nurture both the natural environment in which coffee thrives and the economic well-being of coffee farmers and their families is what we hope our company achieves.

Thank you for doing more.

Please note: all coffee orders placed during the week will be roasted on Thursday and shipped Friday.